The Grand Canyon, Arizona
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The Grand Canyon, located in Arizona USA is the amazing place to visit with family or friends. There is a Tauck Bridges with huge Red Rocks and Painted Canyons guided trip. You can watch the sunrise and sunset. You can also take a float trip on the Colorado River or fly over Rainbow Bridge National Monument with your children while showing them ride in Bryce Canyon with a cowboy to have a great memorable trip. You can have a camping experience by carrying tents and its equipment with you. At night you can have barbeque dinner and for fun you can play games or perform activities.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is located near the sea side where you can see the Molten Lava coming out from the volcano. The Molten Lava spills down a mountainside and fall on the sea which forms a hiss & steam. It also lefts the smell of Sulphur when it hits the sea. You can drive around the crater and to look the Hawaii you have to fly through helicopter or you can see them easily from big Islands. The Hawaii Volcanoes are beautifully shown in many movies. You can see a live lava coming out from volcano and hitting the sea.

America’s giant, Alaska

Alaska, one of the most beautiful country which is twice the France. It is the land of 750,000 people. The Arctic Circle and Wrangell- St Elias are the largest US National Park if you visit Alaska during summers you will be able to see brown and grizzly Bears gorging on Salmon in Katmai National Park and in winter you can go for the Northern Lights, where you can see snowmobiling and dog sledding. There are many beautiful village where you can visit and spends a night

The Statue of Liberty, New York

The Statue of Liberty which represents symbol of freedom and the friendship between the people of France and U.S. This statue is made up of copper and is placed at New York Harbor’s entrance which has welcomed affluent cruise passengers. You can look the New York city through the crown by advance booking. You can give a message to others about the purpose of Statue of Liberty. After this you can continue your trip on to Ellis Island and the Immigration Museum.


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Moundsville Penitentiary:

It’s an 100 years old prison. It was a stop for more than 1000 criminals. The reason behind this prison to be a haunted one because of the deaths of criminals in the prison during interrogation or an attack by other prisoners murdered by any reason and some were hanged to death as per the court orders. Now this place is considered as haunted because it is believed that the tortured spirits are being heard behind the bars and may be seen while taking a tour of it.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum:

This was a mental hospital started in 1884. Mnay peoples with mental illness died here before the facility closed here in 1994.The place is said to be haunted due to many deaths and their spirits are said to haunt the place as proved by paranormal activities.

Villisca Axe Murder House:

This house was known for it’s crime scene which took place on 10th June 1914 in which Josiah B. Moore , his wife along with 4 childerns and 2 young girls who were overnight guests were murdered and never identified. Now the person whoever passes by that resident can notice a man with an axe and the cry of childerns alongwith some unexpailned paranormal activity.

Sammie Dean:

This is a small town with just 400 residents with most number of ghostly residents reason been the deaths in mining accidents and gunfights.In this town one well known spirit have her presence which was a prostitute and killed by her customer by pressing her throat and her spirit roams in search of her murdered.

Fort Mifflin:

This fort is considered to be the most haunting one because a woman is said to haunt the fort with her loud cries that even the Philadelphia police was called to investigate the matter. In the local ghost stories are mentioned like a faceless man is seen to wandering around the fort and numerous childerns & dogs.


Top 5 Places To Visit In USA
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YellowStone National Park: This park is an enthusiast’s paradise surrounded by beautiful and pristine lakes.The best way to go around to Yellowstone national park is by renting a car from a near by airport as per no public transport is avaible. Yellowstone National park has the high waterfalls, with untouched nature and wildlife. The best rush free time are from April to May and September to November. It has the best hiking spot at Grand canyon with hot water spring. Here you can see the world’s best geyser, it’s not the largest but the best. You can enjoy the boating at the Yellowstone Lake, it is the largest freshwater lake.YellowStone has Grand Prismatic Spring with rainbow water, which look fabulous. You’ll fall in love with this place. Best for nature lovers.

Maui: Nor the large island but also not to small, it has the every taste of history,culture,nature offers you the best mountains rides with scenic beauty. If you are planning with friends, family or partner this is the best place. Maui offers you the best hotel with good sea food, offering you the helicopters ride around the island it is given the best 2 tourist place to visit in USA.

Yosemite National Park: This park ranks the second best National park in the world. With the towering waterfalls, many old tress still standing straight and unique Rock formations gives it the best scenic beauty. Best time to visit the park is May to September as in October to march you can not vist much area of the park as it is surrounded by the snow. You should book before going as Campsites are book in advance.

New York City: It comes in the category of most populated cities of the world with all classy stuff in it. The best place to enjoy the night life, you’ll find all the top fashion brands in it. Best way to explore the city is on foot rather in transport, as it much crowded with heavy traffic in it. It has the Central Park and many Historical museums. The best place for Hangouts

San Francisco: This city ranks the 1st for the California vacations and foddie planet. Best time to visit the city is September to November. It offers you the best warmest weather during that month. It has the Golden gate bridge and Golden Gate park with the nature scenic beauty. This city is also famous for it foods, offers you the delicious food.


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Everyone loves to add fun in their life

Miami Beach The Miami Beach is located in Florida. This beach is full of activities which will add fun in your life and that will make your tour memorable. The activities such Parasailing Excursion where you will experience spots turtles and dolphins frolicking in the water. You will equiped by the Parasailing Excursion equipment. You can have this activity along with your two friends. If you love sightseeing then the speedboat is waiting for you and for your group. You will be shown luxurious multi million dollars homes on Fisher Islands and Star Islands on a 45min speed boat.

Dapoli Beach The Dapoli Beach is full of activities for everyone whether you are kid or adult. The activities such as water sports which includes jet ski rides, banana rides, bumper rides and parasailing where you will love to get wet while experiencing the activities. You can also enjoy hot water bath which is believed that to cure all disease. If you love trekking then you must visit here because the Serene forest of Dapoli is the perfect spot for trekking. The beautiful flowers, forested path attracts the tourist. You will be fresh after watching the dolphins in the morning.

Clean Water Beach The Clean Water Beach is located in California. This beach is considered as the cleanest beach. This beach is full of activities like Sky Surfing Scenic, Jet Ski, Schooner, Sea Screamer and many more. If you love fishing you must visit here. You will love to walk barefoot on sand of the beach. You can also take your kids to the boat tours where they will be shown dolphins, fishing points, markets and many more things. This is one of the best beach for your family and friends.


America's top 3 wildest and amazing Zoo's
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Wildlife is one of the best things to capture. You feel more closed to nature and it gives you a soothing effect. And of the best way to capture wildlife is to visit a zoo. The zoo is a kind of place where you can spend your day well from seeing those lovely creatures created by God. It's a place which is enjoyed by every age group of people, from young to old. America is known for its modern architecture, but it is close to nature too. So let's check out the famous zoo in the USA.

Memphis Zoo

This zoo is one of the famous and favourite family destination for the people of the USA. Memphis zoo is home to around 3,500 plus animal. A daily comprehensive schedule keeps visitors on task, highlighting a multitude of animal feeding times, intimate animal discussions, and stage shows intended to awe and educate visitors. There is also an amazing collection of jellyfish which is the new centre of attraction for the people.

Disney's the Animal Kingdom

Walt Disney World's largest theme park, Animal Kingdom covers 500 acres and offers guests the opportunity to commune with more than 1,700 animals representing 250 species. It's a perfect place for kids to enjoy. The park is divided into 7 areas, including Africa, Asia, Camp Minnie-Mickey and DinoLand USA. It animals such as zebras, elephants and hippos. It also earned acclaim for its rides and attractions, including the Expedition Everest high-altitude roller coaster, the Kali River Rapids raft ride, the Kilimanjaro Safaris Expedition and the Wildlife Express Train.

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo is the city's most popular tourist attraction. This zoo is located in Chicago and is really famous for its Pandas. This zoo is renowned for its 3,700 animals of more than 650 species and subspecies, San Diego Zoo is a must for any visit to Southern California. Visitors will encounter all manner of creatures, including giant pandas, polar bears, elephants and cheetahs, at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park.


Amusement Park To Visit In USA
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Universal’s Islands Of Adventure: It’s the theme park located in Orlando, Florida. If you are planning to tour a USA then don’t forget to visit the Universal National Park, the best place to enjoy with your family, friends and kids. You’ll feel the heaven in this place. You’ll need whole one day to explore. It has Port of entry, Marvel Super Hero Island, Toon Lagoon, Skull Island and many more. It concludes of many rides full of thrill. If you are with planning kids then nothing to get worried there is kids section available with small rides to enjoy. You’ll even enjoy the boating rides.

Discovery Cove: Park Located at Orlando Florida. It’s the water park with coral reef, where you can swim with the dolphins, tropical fish, string rays and the tiger shark (Behind the protective glass). Best for the sea lovers as you’ll got to explore the sea creatures. It’s the park for the family, kids and friends. You’ll experience here the diving, ski and swimming with Dolphins, Rope bridge on the lake full of tiger sharks will give you the thrilling and scary experience both at the same time. You’ll fall in love with Discovery Cove.

Magic kingdom: It’s the theme park located at Walt Disney Resort in Bay Lake, Florida. It is operated by the Disney. It concludes of the adventure land, Frontier land, Liberty Square, Fantasyland and tomorrow land. The best time to visit is during the festival seasons of the tomorrow land. Before going to the festival you have to book Tickets before a month. Tomorrow land has the world best festivals with best concert in it. The best place for hangouts with friends.

Universal Studios Hollywood: This park is basically for the movie lovers. The most lovable is the Harry Potter ride in the park, to get save from the big ques it’s better to visit in the morning around 9 p.m. After that you can enjoy your whole day relax fully. You’ll enjoy the park with lot of emotions in it. If you are the Harry Potter fan than it’s the heaven for you.


Best cities to have street food in USA
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If you are a traveller than you surely gonna have some soft corner for food in your heart. Travellers love to explore the places which have delicious food. For some people food is an emotion. Food not only tastes good but it also help us to know about the culture of that place. So here are some cities which gives the mouth watering food in USA.

NYC – The very famous New York City is not only famous for its clubs but also for food. It would be a sin to visit New York City and not chow down on a hot dog, pretzel, or kebab (or all three!) from one of their famous street vendors. The city has some very delicious and exotic dishes which matches the culture of people out there. The variety is unending and you can enjoy all types of cuisines there.

Los Angeles – The film city provides the amazing dishes to have. The city is not only famous for beaches but also for its food. When you’re not roller-blading along the beach in your speedo, explore the tastes of the local vendors where you’ll find nibbles such as dim sum and grilled cheese. There are vendors that actual Top Chef Masters have opened up as well, like Ludo Lefebvre’s Ludo Truck, where the food is bound to be superb. Don’t go too crazy though, you need to maintain that beach bod!

Washington D.C. – The capital city is one of the main cities to explore in USA. Talking about the monuments, its world famous, but along with it- the food is remarkable. Whilst taking a stroll between the Smithsonian Museum and the Washington Monument, be sure to take a gander at some of the best tasting quick-food vendors in the State. Push through the locals on their lunch break and get served some tasty street meat.


Best Honeymoon Destinations in USA
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Napa Valley: Rank 1st for the honeymoon destinations. Here you’ll see the beauty of Grapes farming. You’ll see the fresh production of the Wine with superior classy taste. Explore the valley on two Wheeler instead of four Wheeler. Best time to visit Napa Valley is from September to November or March to May. August to October is the peak time. This busy time you will found the high prices of the hotels. At this place you’ll find out the good hotels and can enjoy the good scenic beauty nature.

Kauai: The ideal spot for the couple’s to enjoy the sunset. The best activities to do in Kauai are to enjoy diving, ski, cruise rides, paragliding and many more. Places to visit in Kauai are Nāpali Coast, Canyon State Park, Hanalei Bay and Wailua Falls. Here you will enjoy the sunset views at the Beach, Nature beauty surrounded by the high water falls. You’ll find out the delicious food outlets that you will be tempted by the foods. The best time to visit is September to November and April to May offering you the pleasant weather.

Hawaii: The best romantic destination for honeymoon. The island with waterfalls, beaches with different colour sand to see the different sunset colours. Honolulu the capital of Hawaii, it’s the shopping destination for travellers. Enjoy the scenic beauty of Hawaii by exploring hanauma Bay, Ala moana centre, USS Arizona memorial and many more. The good place but little bit hectic as it is crowded much in all the seasons. Hawaii beauty is maintained by it’s active volcano’s. Nothing to worry about the volcano they are active but not dangerous.

Monterey: It’s the city in California state with the first theatre. Here you can explore Monterey aquarium, Cannery row , fisherman’s wharf (Historic Wharf in Monterey), Del Monte Beach and many more. Best way to explore the city is by renting a car. You’ll get in touch to the historical monuments and culture. The best place is Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, here you’ll find many species of butterflies. This the place for the couples who loves peace and calm.


Best Hotels In U.S.A
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Four Seasons Resort Lanai: This Resorts meets the standard of a 5 star Hotel. This Resort is an attraction for the beach lovers. It has one of the best scenic beauties because of the oceanic views. The customer service experiences are really role playing in this resort. The resort also have some of the best recreational activities for the guests like scuba diving,fishing,snorkeling etc.Guest’s overhere are provided with well furnished rooms with a private patios.For the T.V lovers the rooms have 75 inch flat screens tv’s with a Blu-ray player alongwith free wifi facility. The best part of this resort gives a free shuttle for carting all around the Lanai Town.You can also enjoy the in- house Spa . It’s also a perfect place for the peace lovers as you may sit alongside the shoreline.

The Peninsula Chicago: This hotel is a Traditional style hotel located in Chicago. The guests rooms in the hotels are well furnished with creamy colour palette.They have implemented new modern techs like controlling the lights,room temperature through a remote provided alongside with bed. Tea is served in afternoon at the lobby bar which is considered as welcoming and nice by visitors. It is best for business travellers,couples,groups & families.

Twins Farm: Twins farm is situated nearly 80 miles southwest of Burlington.The site of Twin Farms is in the 300 acres forested area serving only 20 rooms. It is an Adults only property as their the activities such as downhill sking or canoeing across the pond. There the proper host provided for every fieldwork from meals to beverages. The attraction factor is the evening bornfires with traditional night campfire treat famous in united states(s'mores).Visitors can also make use of on site features like Spa, Fitness Centre, Tennis Court. No matter which room you choose you’ll find every amenities like fireplace, refrigerator , movies collections and much more. However it’s an expensive stay if you want more luxurious experience.


Top 5 Places To Visit In Los Angeles:
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Griffith Observatory: The Griffith Observatory is situated in Los Angeles, California.This place is a very popular tourist spot having an attraction factor of the view of Hollywood Sign.

California Science Center: The California Science Center is a museum located in Exposition Park, Los Angeles.It was founded in 1951 as museum for science and industry.Visitors experiences a proper space shuttle Endeavour. A separate ticket is required if any tourist is interested in enjoying IMAX movies. Special activities are also conduced like wall climbing, motion simulator.

The Getty Center: The Getty Center is located in Los Angeles, California which is well known for its Architecture, Gardens. The drawings and 20th-century European paintings acts as the center of attraction for the visitors. The center is so well designed keeping in mind from not getting affected by earthquakes and fires.

The Japanese Garden: The Japanese Garden is located on the grounds of Tillman Water Reclamation .It has it’s meaning in Japanese which means "garden of water and fragrance”.The Garden’s Aims at making a positive use retrieved water.The retrieved water is used for irrigation & in ponds.

Malibu Paragliding & Paramotor: This is a boat tour & water sports in Los Angeles.This is the only company providing water sports in Malibu. They have their own terms & policies for different age groups taking a tour of paragliding or paramotor.They have 30 years of experience which add on to a perfect safety record with trained pilots and well known equipments.This site is really enjoyable by all age groups because of the popularity of these types of sports.They have 12 sites in Malibu thereby offering services like Paragliding & powered Paragliding tandem rides, lessons and aerial photos\videos.


Top 3 Museums every traveller should visit the USA
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Travelling is a type of hobby for many people; some consider it as a business, for some it's a part of their life. So its really important for a traveller to know every aspect of the site which they are visiting. Likewise, museums play a very important role in a traveller life.

Museums are placed an of great history and creative minds. We can see the things from the oldest to the recent invention.

The USA is very famous for its nightlife but one thing which also holds importance is museums in USA which attract every traveller in the USA.

1.The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City

Often called The Met- is the largest art museum in the USA. It is the third most visited art museum in the world and the fifth most visited museum of any kind. The permanent collection consists of works of art from classical antiquity and ancient Egypt, paintings, and sculptures from nearly all the European masters, and an extensive collection of American and modern art. The Metropolitan Museum of Art was founded in 1870 for the purposes of opening a museum to bring art and art education to the American people.

2. Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois

This creative museum is made up of eight buildings and covers 1 million square feet. It’s one of the ancient museum which covers 300,000 works of art, from ancient to contemporary. the museum is a work of art in and of itself, displaying elements of historic Beaux-Arts architecture while simultaneously showcasing Greek and Roman influences with its Corinthian columns and friezes.

3. The National 9/11 Memorial & Museum in New York City

September 11 attacks was a great shock to the world. Many innocent lives were lost during this war. This incident holds an emotional attachment to the people of the USA. Honouring the thousands of lives that were lost during the September 11 attacks, this museum takes guests through the events before, during, and after that tragic day with archival photographs, videos, and artefacts from Ground Zero. Outside, a set of reflecting pools stand in the fallen towers' footprints as a solemn memorial.


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Vacations started, now it’s time to spend time with family on a beautiful beach which is full of sand touches the sea under the sky.

Clean Water Beach

The Clean Water Beach is a beautiful beach that includes a resort area as well as residential area. This beach is characterized by white sand. The beach has many restaurants, shops for shopping etc. There are many activities such as paragliding, scooter riding and many more. There are many points for fishing, dolphin sighting. The Clean Water Beach has been ranked one of the best beaches in the U.S. There is also a Jolly Trolley which is used transportation up and down. It is one of the beautiful beach to visit

South Beach

The South Beach is consider as one of the best beach in Florida. The beach is covered with white sand and beautiful resort and many small restaurants. There are activities such as boat ridding, jet ski and many more. It is one of the best beach where you can relax at see sun set. There are mini boats which you can ride with your group. You can also go for fishing by renting the net. There are beautiful hotels which are available at reasonable rate. You can also go for the sighting by taking vehicle on rent. There are many sea side shops from where you can have sea food.


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As vacations started, now it’s time to explore the world by having an experience of live monuments

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is located in New York city. It is recognize as a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated as a gift from France on October 28, 1886. It is one of that monuments which gives us a lesson of freedom and friendship. It was very beautifully constructed. The Statue stands at a height of 151 feet. It is open for all. You can visit and can see the city through the crown that is mounted at the top of the Statue. You will love to have the boat ride before going to the Statue. The view is very beautiful from the lake.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

The Mount Rushmore Memorial is located in South Dakota. It is very beautifully constructed. It has the four Sculpture of Presidents of United States. Gutzon Borgum selected George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln because according to him these four President represent the most important events in the history of U.S. These four faces are built on stone. With these stones American history is shown which is still alive. You will be surprise to see the granite rocks bathing in the orange and yellow colors, when the Golden Sun rays fall on the monument.

The Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is located in Washington D.C. It was built in the memory of The Abraham Lincoln. It is open for all 24hrs a day. The Lincoln Memorial tower is reflected by the Reflecting Pool. This is the Temple for people as for them the man who saved the Union remains in their heart. The Statue of The Abraham Lincoln is placed inside the Memorial Tower which is 19 foot tall. There are 18 Museums including National Museum of American History. You will love to have delicious burgers, pizza with Sightseeing tour where you will be able to see D.C. and Movie Sites Tour. This is one of the beautiful and clean Monument.


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Ever wondered is it possible to have everything such as delicious food, stores, games at one place? The best place to have all this under one place is visiting the best Shopping Mall.

The Mall of America

The Mall of America is located in Bloomington, Minnesota. It is the biggest Shopping Mall in the United States. It is very beautifully constructed and has more than 500 stores with 50 restaurants with the indoor amusement park. The best time is to celebrate your Christmas and New Year with your family or friends as the whole mall is covered with beautiful flowers and a huge Christmas Tree. You can also stay in Radisson Blu hotel which is physically connected to the mall. Mall of America has roller coaster, Ferris Wheel and 20 other rides that everyone can enjoy. You can also enjoy the Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium where you can see 10,000 sea creatures which includes sharks too. The Mall has a comedy club, theaters and for kids it has Barbie Dreamhouse. It is the best place where you can spend time with your group.

King of Prussia Mall

The King of Prussia Mall is one of the biggest mall 400 shops including restaurants. This mall has activities such as indoor Skydiving, Escape the mystery, hot air balloon riding and many more things. You can enjoy by playing Bury the Hatchet King of Prussia where you have to complete the challenge with in 2hr. Your kids will love to feed animals like Giraffe, Elephants, Rabbit etc which is near the mall. The mall is few km away from the place where you can enjoy Cigar. You can visit the Museum where American Treasure is kept. If you love farm products then this mall provides you the farmers product directly. It is one of the best mall where you can spend time with your family and friends.

Sawgrass Mills Mall

The Sawgrass Mills Mall is located at the crossroads of West Sunrise Boulevard and Flamingo Road. It is one of the largest mall which deal with the large Sawgrass Mills. The mall has many restaurants including Legal Sea Foods restaurants which has a large collection of sea foods such as King size prawns, Octopus, many types of fish etc. This mall has retailed shops that are featured with low prices. The Sawgrass Mills Mall is constructed very beautifully and is one of the best place to visit with you family or friends.


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Finally, the summers has arrived now it’s time to visit water park with your family or friends. Now it’s time to spend time with your family in this water park which is full of amazing rides.

Water Country USA, Williamsburg

The Water Country park is the Virginia’s largest water park with 17 rides along with live entertainment, shops, restaurants and many other attraction. It has rides such as Atomic Breaker, Lemon Drop, Little Twister, Peppermint Twist, Volleyball courts etc and shows of Aquabatics. The park is just a few miles away from Busch Gardens Williamsburg. There is no problem of vehicle parking. It is considered as one of the cleanest park and is well maintained.

Disney Typhoon Lagoon

As everyone love Walt Disney cartoon surely you will love the amazing rides at the Disney Typhoon Lagoon water park. This park has 12 amazing rides which will add more fun, along with 10 dinning places with delicious meal. There is the merchandise gift shop from where you can rent disposable cameras, sundries, sunshade and many more things which will be memorable only by taking clicks. The wifi is complimentary in most of the areas

Camel Beach Mountain Waterpark

The Camel Beach is one of the amazing water park which has 12 rides like Sand Storm, Dune Runner, Titan, Vortex, Tube Slides, High Noon Typhoon, Spin Cycle, Flow rider along with clean dining places. The park is full of other activities like dancing, singing. Camel Beach also has Latin Music Sunday which was developed by the Brooklyn native which is one of the most recognizable and respected brands in the Latin American market. The water park has the parking facilities and special space is available for smokers. The Camel Beach Mountain Waterpark is safe for all ages people.


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The best weekend ends when you spend your time with your family. Going for a picnic is the best idea which will add fun in your life and will keep you relax.


Albuquerque is one of the best picnic spots which is located in New Mexico. You can spend your time both with your friends and family. The spot is full of activities like viewing the world by ridding on hot air balloon, sightseeing its art, architecture and cultural centers. There are fun activities for your children like Gravity Park, Escape the room, Cool Springz Trampoline Park, All out zone and many more. You can also enjoy at Casino like Sansia, Isleta, Route 66 where you can go with your friends or family and try your luck. There are several hotels where you can stay at night and go for Golf tour in the morning.

Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls State Park is the amazing place for picnic as here you can experience a natural wonder. It is considered as one of the best outdoor adventure with your group. There are many attractions which will add fun in your picnic. There are many activities like Cave of the winds where you will get closer to falls which will make you wet, discovery center to learn about the falls. You can also view the Niagara Fall by the bus tour. It is the best place to have a experience of journey into the heart of the North America’s most powerful waterfalls. There are many activities like viewing the Niagara Fall from the Sky Wheel, 1hr Jet Boat Tour, Mist Boat Ride, 12 min Helicopter Flight and many more. You can also stay in the beautiful hotels with delicious meal.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas the beautiful city which is full of bright lights, Casinos, resorts, Dams and many more things. It is one of the best place for your weekend to spend your time with your family. There are many activities like exploring an outdoor art gallery, hiking, zipping with skies, pinball games, and many more. You can visit the Pawn Shops which has a large collection of antique items, coins, cars etc. There are many beautiful hotels where you can stay and have a amazing view with the delicious meal. You can ride on a helicopter and view the whole city. If you love road trips, then it is the best place for you to have a hummer tour or the bus tour to the Grand Canyon National Park.


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The best feeling comes when we are with family and friends where we can spend time with them and have fun.


If you love history or want a historical knowledge then you should Museum of United States. There are more than 35,000 Museums in the US. There are many things to see in the museum which is related to the history. The museum of US has antique cars, bike, coins, bones of different animals, weapons, letters, newspaper, clothes and many more things. You will definitely find a museum no matter where you are in US.


Everyone loves to taste different types of food. If you are foody then you will love to have special American food. There are plenty types of chicken, mutton, sea foods such as fish, octopus, lobster, crab, oyster, prawns and many more things. You will easily get all type of desired food which you want to have. You are allowed to cook by your own. You can also have a look over the live kitchen. You can hire a boat, go for fishing and cook it on boat.


The US has many beautiful beaches with lots of activities. Beaches like Clean water beach, Dapoli beach, Miami beach are some of them. These beaches have many resorts and mini retail shops which offers you delicious food including sea food, chicken etc. The beaches are full of activities such as jet ski, boating, banana rides, parasailing, sky surfing and many more activities. You will love to spend time with family.


Top Universities/Colleges In U.S.A
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Princeton University: Princeton University was founded in 1746 as a private institute. The setting of the university is basically suburban with 5,400 undergraduates and campus covering an area of 600 acres. It was tagged as best national University in 2018’s ranking. It’s tuition and fess are $47,140 The Princeton University is located in Princeton, New Jersey town which is considered as a peaceful place. This Institute also offers a number of events, activites & orgasnizations. Students are provided with residential community as well as dining services. Princeton have it’s motto as “Princeton in nation’s service & service of humanity.” Princeton includes highly ranked graduate programs through school of engg and applied sciences. The Princeton students have a criteria of the undergraduate students to write thesis and in engineering students have to make an individual project. In Princeton have some noble alumini’s like actress/models , president and even former first lady Michelle Obama. Princeton have it’s legendary belief that if a student exits campus through Fitz Randolph Gate prior to graduation , he or she may be cursed never to graduate.

Harvard University: Harvard University was founded in 1636.It is in 5,076 acres Hravrd University is ranked on 2 in best National’s tuition & fees are $48,949. It is located outside Boston, Cambridge. Harvard is made up of 13 schools and Institute which includes Business schools. Medical Schools, Law School, School of Engineering , Graduate Education School. Hravrd is well known for it’s extensive library collection which holds the oldest U.S collection and largest private collection in the world.Eight U.s presidents graduated from Harvard University and well known personalities are also a part of auimini. Harvard has one of the best quality that is it has the largest endownment

University Of Chicago: It is a private institute which was founded in 1890.The total enrolment is 5,941 while the campus is in 217 acres. University of Chicago is ranked as 3rd in best colleges as national universities 2018. The tuition and fees are $54,825. The University of Chicago offers a rich campus life situated in Hyde Park and the university offers postgraduate programs like school of law, school of medicine, school of Buisness , School of public policy studies. This University offers athlectic Association and have strong basketball and wrestling programmes In the beginning the freshers are are required to live in the campus. The University also offers more than 400 student Organisations.